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A creative photographer with a love of running, reading, traveling, hiking, and cooking and a diligent eye for detail but a relaxed attitude toward life.

I grew up in eastern North Carolina and then ventured to Boone to attend Appalachian State University to study business and public relations. During my junior year, I was diagnosed with stage III cancer and left school to travel the country on a journey to get better. I am now 5 years cancer free and have an amazing, very active 2-year-old son!

I entered the real estate world because I enjoy creating meaningful relationships, having a hand in things running smoothly, and being a part of such an exciting time for people. I have found real estate to be more fulfilling than I ever imagined and have met some amazing people that I now call friends.


  • Monuts
  • Joe Van Gogh
  • Durham Food Hall


  • The Eno River
  • NEIGHBORHOOD Barre Durham
  • Any kind of walk with a friend!