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About the Community

Granville County was founded in 1746 after John Carteret, Earl of Granville. Granville borders Wake, Durham and Person Counties as well as the edge of the Virginia border. Granville County was also the home of John Penn, the representative of the North Carolina Continental Congress. John Penn’s name can be found among those names on the Declaration of Independence. Penn supported the War for Independence as a politician, strategist and by providing raw materials to the war effort. When the war ended, John Penn returned to Granville County where he died still practicing law. Many lakes are associated with the county, including Kerr Lake and Falls Lake, both of which are part of the Roanoke, Tar and Neuse river watersheds. Kerr Lake was built by the Army Corp of Engineers to generate electricity and prevent future flooding down river. Agriculture and tobacco are what originally put Granville on the map. The discovery of bright leaf tobacco and the hard work of freed slaves after the civil war made Granville County one of the top producers of tobacco for decades. Today much of Granville’s economy has shifted to the manufacturing of goods such as tires and clothing products.

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