Janet Marks Breedlove | West & Woodall Real Estate

Generous Reader, Mountain Scape Viewer, Social Butterfly, Plays Tennis and Goes for Walks

My home town is Rockingham, NC and I truly love this small town where I still have lots of family. I grew up as a PK (preacher's kid ) which in and of itself brings a different dimension to my childhood as we moved 3 times in my growing up years from my 2nd grade in school and lastly as a JR in high school. Consequently I skipped my senior year in high school and went straight to Wingate College (now university) and love that school to this day. Graduated from UNC Chapel Hill.. moved to Durham in 1976. I truly wake up most every day excited about what I can do or maybe what I can get into that day. I love to go to the Mountains of NC and take in the breathtaking views.


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  • Bleu Olive
  • Nantucket Grill
  • Squids


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