Home Improvement Tip

Fencing in a backyard is a common home improvement project because quite frankly, it can be a game changer depending on your life circumstances. But does a fenced backyard add value to a home? Here are our thoughts on the topic based on our years of experience in the Triangle market.

Angela Burkall

While a fenced backyard isn’t going to increase how much your home is worth, it may add value to how you experience it during your time there. That’s why you should fence your backyard only if it makes sense for you. Some of the most common reasons include pets, children, privacy, and pools.

Brooke Tart

Adding a fence to your yard creates privacy and enhances your curb appeal! There are a lot of different styles of fences, some being ornamental and others with the sole purpose of privacy. Most of the time, a fence increases your buyer pool! A fence made of high-quality materials will add more value to your home than a cheaper option, but a lot of buyers love the idea of a fenced-in yard. Be sure to check with your Homeowners Association before you have one installed!

Jeanette Hussey

The bottom line is that the cost of installing a fence will not be fully recouped when selling a home. For that reason, homeowners should not look at fencing in a backyard as a way to increase value to their home. That said, if you need a fence around your yard, you should do it. Just don’t expect that there will be a payoff for it other than what you get for your needs.

Leigh Ann Rasberry

How valuable a fenced-in yard is to a potential buyer completely depends on whether they have kids or dogs. I don't think anyone that doesn't have kids or dogs really cares that much about a fenced-in backyard, so it depends on what their current situation is. If that’s not something that a buyer is looking for, it won’t be a dealbreaker if the house does have a fenced-in yard. It will just be something extra that won’t add to the value of the property for them, but it won’t take away from it either.

How to Ask Us About a Potential Home Improvement

If you’re considering a home improvement project that you’d like us to weigh in on as far as whether it will add value to your home, we’d love to hear from you! While our agents can’t address specific examples, they’d be happy to offer general guidance. Simply email, and we’ll get to your topic as soon as we can.