Dedicated outdoorsman with an inquisitive mind for music and a thirst for service.

Being locally sourced in the Durham area, I grew up exploring everything that the triangle has to offer. I went to Appalachian State University, where I met my soon-to-be wife, Brooke. I have spent time in the mountains of North Carolina, the vast expanses of Texas, and in the great city of Manhattan. Traveling to all these places I was able to enhance my entrepreneurial and educational experience. Ultimately, I found myself drawn back to my love for the triangle area, where I received my provisional license through Superior School of Real Estate and have settled down with Brooke and our dog, Riley. Being back home I am ready to put my experience, my skills and my local knowlege to work helping you find the life you always dreamed of.


  • Foster's Market
  • Bennette Pointe Grill
  • Clouds Brewing


  • Durham Central Park
  • Bright Leaf Square
  • The American Tobacco Campus
  • Eno River State Park